Monday, June 18, 2018

My Pumtek Bead bracelet design in drawing around Nov last year before this bead was bought by me. I had this design in mind last year and I only bought the actual bead this year Feb

Happy bead hunting

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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Fake or Authentic Dzi beads.

So far, when the netizens asked whether their Dzis were fake or not. Let us check the price first. Do you think you can have an authentic nine eyed bead at the incredible offer price of USD 300 when the actual nine eyed Dzi bead can be as high as USD 300,000. Which merchant does not make money from their sale?

There is in fact not a single ebay auction that sells a real bead. So far all are fakes including those calling for ridiculous prices. All New Dzis are newly produced and definitely replicas.

What about those who claimed that theirs are all ancient. As I say before, which merchant does not make money from their sale?  Period!

Most of them looked like plastic/ wood or some ugly discoloured stones. They lack the beauty of a well defined and natural bead. If you find your bead deteriorating or suffering discoloration when you wore it for some time, your perspiration had cause the poor quality replica to start to drop in its quality. An authentic bead not only changes colour when it is wore, it will be better looking as the patina improve in quality through contact with the wearer.

If your bead is as smooth and flawless as glass, your bead is a likely replica. Of course there are always some exceptions to this rule.

You asked me if you should wear a replica.
My kind answer is NO.

A replica does not have the blessing from any one. Its 'existence' only starts on the very day you start wearing it. There is not a single benefit that you get out from wearing a replica that does nothing. As these replicas have been produced using chemical processes with corrosive chemicals, the presence of these powerful chemicals will not be good when it come into direct contact with your delicate skin. Imagine a nice lady wearing a replica only to find her skin being affected by this.

For the authentic beads, the constant blessing from Tibetan monks and the blessings bestowed on the Dzi beads using traditional prayers and altar offering with flowers and precious gems (gold) during prayer events will generally help the wearer.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Purification of Dzi beads

A nice bracelet design from conception to fruition

The most common practice to purify Dzi beads is to use vibrations of a high pitched sound.

Sound will cause the Dzi beads to be rid of negative energies within the bead. This sound is usually produced by a typical Tibetan Singing Bowl. The high pitch sound will cause the Dzi bead to develop resonance which increases the vibrating energies of the particles within the Dzi bead, thereby dispelling all the negative 'vibes'. The 'Qi' within the bead is thereby cleansed and the wearer will be assured of a very auspicious Dzi bead to start with.

The wearer can also 'pray' and 'wish' to the Dzi bead for health, prosperity or general well being as each Dzi bead resides a 'Buddha'.

Subsequently, when Singing bowl is not available, bottled mineral water will also serve a similar purpose to cleanse the Dzi bead of bad vibes. After wearing the Dzi bead to a sad occasion, it is best that the bead is cleansed using any of the above two methods to dispel all the negative vibes or Qi.

The wearer can also 'recharge' his/her bead when a high priest or monk chant sculpture to it for blessings. 

Ancient Multi-Treasured Buddha Beads

Ancient Multi-Treasured Buddha Beads. An accumulation of precious beads consisting of the seven treasures of Buddhism:- Ancient Striped Dzi Bead, Ancient Medicine Bead, Ancient Pumtek beads, Ancient glass beads, Coral bead,  Tridacna bead, Eichhornia Bodhi bead. 

You could obtain yours too in the only authentic Ancient Dzi shop in Singapore.

Heaven and Earth Dzi

Circle motif representating Heaven

Square motif (opposite side) representing Earth 

Dzi surface as seen through a 10x magnification scope

Dig marks on Dzi 'eye' (Centre portion) and at the sloping side as Tibetan monks skillfully chipped off small portions of the Dzi bead to concoct Tibetan medications. 

Medicine Dzi


Dzi surface as seen through a 10x magnification scope

Many 'fish scales' or weathering marks only seen in ancient beads more than 1000 years) . Look out for these in authentic beads

(Background is a striped Ancient Dzi)

A classically designed Heaven and Earth Dzi necklace

Centre piece : Heaven and Earth Dzi

Accompanying pieces :- 2 Medicine Beads (Stratified)

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Numerous Cinnabar dots in Dzi, usually caused by iron & mineral deposits


Dzi beads were mostly born from the religion, the Bon faith. That was even before Buddhism was widespread in Tibetan regions. Although many Tibetans believed that Dzi beads have a sacred origin that may have god creations, the patterns that all the Dzi beads displayed meant worldly desires for longevity, health, abundance and wealth.

Most of these Dzi beads were actually still owned by many Tibetan temples and monks. Dzi beads were worshipped upon on the altar and frequently used as religious symbols during recital of Tibetan mantras during religious ceremonies.

During mantra chanting, Tibetan monks might use their thumb and index fingers to constantly apply pressure onto the surfaces of Dzi beads, resulting in many Dzis having two upper and lower regions of finger-sized flat plateaus on the beads.

The Dzi beads were being 'blessed' in these processes. Hence these immense blessings from the incessant chantings of mantras of the Tibetan monks will elevate the status of these Dzi beads to that of 'Buddha' presence within each single Dzi bead. 

Transfer of ownership of the Dzi beads from the Tibetan temple to the present owners will meant that the owners is being 'showered' with the blessings and the abundance in their lifetime.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

My First Dzi bead I wore for 11 years

A Colleague of Mine

Recently a colleague saw me accessing a web page containing images of some Dzi beads. Out of sheer curiosity, he asked me:-

1) May I know what are these?

To which I replied (still staring on the screen) "Tian Zhu" (Chinese for Dzi beads)

He followed by asking:-

2) You seemed to be interested in these. Why are Dzi beads so expensive?

To which I was a bit lost for a straight reply.

If I will to 'lecture' him on the benefits of Dzi, it might not be so appropriate for such a casual question that my colleague might have said it as a conversation starter. However, I might be more reflective in the answer for the above abstract question:-

"Why are Dzi beads so expensive? "

Please allow me to share the many aspects of Dzi beads that finally brings about the price part.
How do we actually determine the price of a Dzi bead?

Of course, We are now refering to authentic ancient Dzi beads, Not ‘New’ or ‘Fake’ Dzi beads  that are purchased from some deceptive dealers. Here, every single bead in photos are authentic and ancient with history of at least 2000 years. We are talking about a production date of BC 1000 till BC 600,. It is defibitely not that fake plastic/glass/wood replica you bought.

Whenever you talk about price, it is determined definitely by market forces as in the usual demand and supply theories. However, Dzi beads are not a commonly available item, much less to say that it might even be considered a rare, mega rare or even sacred.

Let's have an easy analogy:-

Let's assume we are saying why are antique watches so expensive? They are rare finds.
Then your next question is:- "Yes, they are rare, but who determines all the watches' prices?"

As antique watches appear in auctions, naturally we can then link successful bidded auction items that is similar or same as the mentioned antique watch to be the most recent price associated with the same antique watch. Auctions are actual knock down prices from buyers truly appreciative of the value of the antiques and willing to pay that amount of money in actual bids.

It is the same for other antique items like antique coins, antique notes, antique jewelry, etc. Basically a good reference price of an antique can be referred back to the final bidded price of the similar item in recent auctions.

As authentic Dzi beads are antiques per se, all of these Dzi beads prices are naturally tagged somewhat to successful auctions for similar authentic Dzi beads of similar makes, designs and origins.

Then you might ask again:- Yes, I truly understand how does the price comes about, 

Then what about the benefits of wearing a Dzi beads. Many questions can then be spun off from this line of thinking.
In the next blog, I will talk about the benefits of Dzi with a few basic knowledge on Dzi beads.